How To Meditate Every Day


Meditation is more important now than ever before. But most people don't have any idea about how to do it. Here is a short article that gives you 7 tips to meditate better every day.

Bamboo Fountain | Temple in Kyoto, Japan


Here are some ideas that you can use to meditate:

1. Accept that meditation does not need to done in a quiet, sacred place.

For example, if you have a commute to work, use it! Some of my best meditations have been on the morning train. Plus, it’s a great skill to master – once you can zone out on your morning train ride, you can do it anywhere.

2. Be flexible about the time of day you use for your practice.

While first thing in the morning may feeling optimal, if that doesn’t work, try fitting in your meditation at lunchtime. Regular meditation is known to increase productivity so don't be surprised if you notice an energy burst in the afternoon.

3. Grab it while you can.

This one’s especially useful if you have small kids. It might be hard to find a whole 20 minutes for yourself, but don’t let that stop you taking five minutes if those five are all that’s available.



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Photo: Bamboo Fountain | Temple in Kyoto, Japan

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