Be grateful


When you're filled with the worry, self-hatred, and any other type of negative thinking you are in a downward spiral. This is a path of destruction. You are limited in what you can do with your life. You are depriving yourself of love from yourself, from others and blocking it from God. You will always struggle in life instead of becoming fulfilled with your mission.



It is quite possible that being grateful is your ticket out of this mess. You have probably stopped being grateful for things in your life.

Be grateful for your life. Be grateful for other people in your life. Be grateful the your calling in your life.

Being grateful is a wonderful exercise we all need to do —EVERY DAY!

The Gratefulness Exercise

  1. In less than 10 seconds, state to yourself one thing you are grateful for.
  2. For the next 30 seconds really feel the gratefulness of this one thing.
  3. As you feel yourself become grateful, let this energy fill your heart and begin to let it flow outside of you.
  4. Do this every day with a different subject of gratefulness each day.

The Gratefulness Exercise will take you less than five minutes. Do it every day and your life will be far better than it is today. You may want to do this at the end of your day as you prepare to go to sleep. Evaluate that day and you will surely come up with something new to be grateful for.


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