Buttered coffee


Koffie verkeerd cafe MP AmsterdamCoffee is wonderful in itself but when you fix a cup of java with butter you've got something special. Look at this recipe and make yourself a cup.

The butter prevents a quick caffeine spike and extends the energy boost. It can prevent the “acid” feel in the stomach, help with focus, prevent jitters and also precludes the desire for more and more cups of coffee during the day. There is not oily or greasy film in it – the blending process turns it into a creamy consistency.

Butter Coffee:

What you need:

  • High quality coffee beans
  • Prefarably a French Press for brewing (but don't let that stop you)
  • Blender
  • 2 Tablespoons of butter from grassfed cows – look for or request Unsalted Kerrygold butter in stores or local butter from your farmers market and healthfood stores
  • Optional – coconut oil, flavors

Basic directions:

  1. Brew coffee
  2. “Pre-heat” blender with hot water – dump
  3. Place coffee in blender
  4. Place butter in blender – other ingredients like coconut oil or vanilla are optional
  5. Blend well for 30 seconds or more – it will look similar to a latte
  6. Enjoy

“Butter coffee” has arisen to Internet fame from marketing guru and “biohacker,” David Asprey at Bulletproof Executive. He sells upgraded beans that are naturally processed and reportedly have lower myotoxins. They are considerably pricey, though – you might also consider Costa Rican beans. He sells other products meant for this coffee at his website.


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