Eating white bread makes you fat


Do you still eat white bread? White bread is devoid of many nutrients but it also makes you fat.

imagesA study in Spain determined a direct link between consumption of white bread two or more time a day and obesity. Head researcher Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, a professor at the University of Navarra in Spain, and his colleagues followed 200 Spanish college graduates for five years.

Many ate whole-wheat breads and some mixed both white breads and whole-wheat breads. Most of them showed no major tendency toward obesity. But those who ate only white bread two or three times a day showed a 40 percent increase in obesity.

Science and anecdotal evidence prove sourdough and sprouted grain breads healthyNice to know, but this conclusion should be a no-brainer for most Natural News readers. Processed white breads and pastries are among the most toxic of all foods offered by the processed food industry with free passes to poison us by the FDA.

Many nutritional experts consider sourdough and sprouted-grain bread healthier than bleached white breads and whole-wheat or whole-grain breads offered by even health food stores. The latter mostly share similar procedures that overheat the grains and use bromides as part of their baking processes.

Clarity alert: The sourdough breads that are praiseworthy are not on most store shelves, even health food stores. They are the traditionally baked breads and pastries baked with sourdough cultures that have fermented for a day or so without artificial interventions


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