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If you want a health gadget to help keep you on track, check this out…

360px-Garmin_Forerunner_910XTFor Garmin, GPS has always been the key to setting its fitness devices apart from much of the competition. And with a starting price of $170, the Forerunner 15 watch delivers that functionality at a relatively low price point.

The device, which is expected to ship sometime this quarter, also brings with it more trackable details than its predecessor. You can track running distance, calories, personal records, even sleep patterns — and, with the right hardware add-on, heart rate. All of this is complimented by the company’s tracking and networking app, Connect.

According to Garmin’s numbers, you can get a full five weeks on a charge if you’re just using it as a plain old watch. Using it for its intended exercise functionality, on the other hand, knocks that time down to eight hours. For almost everyone, it’ll get through the day just fine.

The dock also serves as your connection for syncing all of the info you’ve collected to your computer via USB. Unfortunately, there’s no Bluetooth or other wireless on-board, so you have to wait until you’re in front of a PC before seeding all of that information into the cloud.



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