A big weight loss secret


This weight loss secret will work IF you do it. Follow along and apply (these) tips and information to help you lose weight.

The Biggest Weight Loss Secret in the World

Your beliefs define the boundaries of the box your mind operates in. They determine what you accept as true and what doesn’t have a chance. That is the key point and I personally see this frequently. I’m often asked how to convince someone whose mind is made up that they are wrong. You don’t. No amount of evidence in the world will convince someone to believe what they don’t want to believe. You can’t help someone who doesn’t realize he doesn’t know what he is doing. The most common example in modern America is the mindset that government authorities are infallible. If the FDA or the CDC says raw milk is dangerous, that’s it. The matter is settled.

You don’t really want to be normal. If you look around at what normal is in America today, you have a smorgasbord of problems to choose from. Normal could be diabetic, overweight, suffering mental health issues or other chronic illnesses, unemployed, spending big money on drugs or healthcare, and the list goes on. Normal is overrated.

Obesity in particular is a major concern. Even people who are not obese worry about avoiding the problem. The main discussion in this disk is about why we become obese. What should not come as a surprise to our regular readers is that watching calories is a waste of time. Our culture has been doing that obsessively for decades. How is that working out? Christoff also speaks in detail about how the body’s defense mechanisms work and why they can make it hard to lose weight if you don’t understand that subject.

We poison ourselves every day in many diverse and creative ways. Small children are more susceptible than adult men to a given amount of poison. The reason is simple. Size matters. The theory is put forward that one of the body’s defense mechanisms against constant low-level poisoning is to get bigger. I don’t know if this explains every instance, but Christoff makes a very interesting case and backs it up well.


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