Video: smoking and your lungs


Would you smoke after watching this video?

This-is-What-Happens-To-Lungs-After-Smoking-60-CigarettesRyan Au is a teacher at Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial School in Hong Kong.

He placed a previously healthy pig’s lung in a sealed perspex box, and hooked it up to a pump which enabled the tissue to artificially take in and then expel air. He then added a regular cigarette and lit it , allowing the smoke to enter the lungs. The video shows that this was repeated with 60 cigarettes before comparing the lung tissue with lungs from another pig.

Shockingly, after such a short albeit intensive exposure to the chemical cocktail in the cigarettes, the results were stark. The tracheal tube was heavily encrusted already with black tar and nicotine residues. And the actual lung tissue itself was showing marked discoloration.



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