Watching TV leads to early death


If you sit and watch TV more than 2 hours a day, you are heading to an early grave, study says.

 6433158757_f0cd987cd2_zResearch suggests that those who watch more than two hours of television a day significantly increase their risk of potentially fatal diseases.

But why and how the two are related has not yet been determined.

People who watch television more than two hours a day could double their risk of early death.

Past research has indicated a link between the two, but a new study has provided evidence that strengthens that link. Published in the Journal of the American Heart Association on June 25, the study examined viewing habits of 13,000 Spanish adults to attempt to determine the relationship between watching television and premature death.

After ensuring that no one had health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer that could skew the results, scientists followed the participants for eight years, comparing the rate of early death with various sedentary activities. No link between premature death and activities such as driving or computer usage were found. The same was most certainly not true of TV viewing habits.

Every two hours of additional viewing time added significantly to the risk of various life-threatening diseases. When compared to people who claimed to watch less than an hour of television a day, the risk of death from cancer went up 21 percent, for heart disease it increased 44 percent and for other diseases, the risk went up a combined 55 percent.

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